Hello! My name is Chase.

I'm passionate about creating interactions between experiences and people.

I enjoy managing a project from concept to execution, bringing in people with the right skills for the task, and supporting them throughout the process. I relish the work we do even if the project ultimately doesn't have legs, and know the importance of retaining knowledge for the next one.

I've launched projects and fixed others that needed tweaking, but I've also been there when things didn't work. I enjoy communicating what's important, whether that's discussing a joint detail with a furniture craftsman or explaining Rothko to a child. I think critically about content as well as aesthetics, knowing that both have to align to be useful.

My ideal workplace is stimulating, challenging, and dynamic. Straight shooters who are really good at what they do. I'm always looking for a new challenge with some smart folks. If that sounds familiar, let's talk.

Say hello: hello@ateliersubterra.com. Let's make something.